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Enter into the world of glamour, luxury and opulence !!Raising the bar of lavishness and extravagance are these glittering rocks to give you a sense of exclusivity and distinction. These shimmering sparkles add that extra sizzle to your personality, transforming a simple necklace into a fashion statement or simply turning you into a diva that everybody would want to follow.

The single most important aspect of this precious gemstone is the evaluation of its cut. Cut here refers to a diamonds’ proportion and lustre which gives the diamond its brilliance and clarity boosting its appeal. George Diamonds specialize in “Single Cut Diamonds” lending a certain style and design to the jewellery in which it is embedded.George Diamonds is a major player in the field of “Single Cut Diamonds” and ranks amongst the key drivers of this glittering industry. Established in the year 1985, George Diamonds Co., Ltd. has today become a formidable force to reckon with in the field of the most favoured gemstone in jewellery. A symbol of luxury, commitment and romance diamonds

In 2010, George Diamonds further expanded and was established in Thailand. Ceaselessly on a quest for new horizons, their penchant to deliver the finest is not restricted by boundaries. The company’s outreach and demand spanning across various countries lies testimony to its quality, trustworthiness and earnestness.[/vc_column_text]

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The services provided by us that denotes absolute transparency.

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Why Choose George Diamonds

Legitimate Pricing

Cut of a diamond is also a determinant in its pricing.Sought after for the purity, color and sparkle , George Diamonds reflect the elegance and grace reserved for the upper echelons of the society. Making the object of desire accessible, the company brings to you flawless diamonds at a reasonable price for you to create an immaculate piece of jewellery.

Rigorous Quality Control

With unyielding passion and an eye for details, George Diamonds follows stringent policies and strict measures for quality control, to offer the best to its clients. The capability of delivering beyond the expectations of the customer has further escalated the growth of the company.

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